The Painter (Good Luck Troll, 9 cm)

Designer: Thomas Dam

With his clever brushstrokes, the Painter brings the joy of colour to every corner of the home.

With his usual sleight of hand, the Painter can instantly spot a dull corner and bring it to life with just the right colour.

The Painter is for anyone who loves colour just as much as he does.

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The Painter is a master of colour

The Painter is a brush-wielding magician. His stroke transforms full surfaces into colourful festive fireworks.

Whenever you think your home needs a refresh, the Painter is on hand to help. He is always brimming with ideas to make your dull walls bright again.

The Painter calls to every creative soul: "paint and spread joy through colour!". His vibrant palette is a tribute to beauty and diversity.

Weight: 193 g

Height: 9 cm

Materials: Polyresin

Other materials: Sheepskin

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