Laine (cylindrical vase)

Designer: Samuli Helavuo

Laine is a graceful and simple vase shaped in a cylindrical design, and a beautiful home accessory.

There are endless options for how you use this decorative design. Fill it with flowers, branches or pine cones.

Laine will be a joy to look throughout your day and will bring life to your interior decor. Place the vase on a bookcase, shelf or on the windowsill, where it will decorate beautifully.

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Bring nature into the home with Laine

There is nothing like the smell of fresh flowers in the home. Flowers give your home freshness and extra beauty - and a beautiful bouquet needs a vase.

But which to choose? Vases come in a multitude of shapes – large, small, tall, low, round, patterned, we could go on.

This vase is shaped like a cylinder and is therefore perfect for flowers with long stems. Or stick a few fresh branches in it and watch them bloom indoors.

Decorate your home with a stylish vase

This beautiful vase will add a touch of elegance to any room. The toned down look will fit well in any interior decor style.

On the inside, Laine is adorned with fine grooves, which add life and movement to an otherwise simple look. A wonderful design with a touch of style for the modern home.

This simple design has a toned down look, adding a sense of balance and harmony to the home.

Weight: 735 g

Height: 25 cm

Diameter: 13 cm

Maintenance: Clean Laine with a soft cloth wrung out in lukewarm soapy water, and then wipe the product with a soft, dry cloth. Use of cleaning agents and abrasives may cause permanent damage to the product.

Materials: Mouth Blown Glass

Other materials: N/A

Laine (cylindrical vase)
Laine (cylindrical vase)

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