Happy & Lucky

Designer: Chresten Sommer

Happy and Lucky are Danish design's cutest friends. Two characters that together make the perfect gift for yourself or a close friend. Happy is made of Oak, walnut, ash and cow’s leather, while Lucky is made of oak and maple. They are both designed by animal artist Chresten Sommer.

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Happy and Lucky are great company

Happy and Lucky are the cutest friends, and they always stick together - just like two friends can and should. The two characters complement each other and inject life into the living room, or wherever you choose to place them. Happy is the joker who stands on his hind legs or lies on his paws. He demands attention, even when he's just standing on the windowsill. Lucky is a lively cat who, with her head tilted and her big eyes, keeps an eye on what's going on around her.

Happy and Lucky are great designs for children and adults alike

Happy and Lucky are designed by Chresten Sommer. They are the first in a wide range of animal figures designed by Chresten Sommer. Each figure is different and brilliantly captures the animal’s traits. It is a design that appeals to children and adults of all ages.
Happy & Lucky
Happy & Lucky

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