The Golfer (Good Luck Troll, 9 cm)

Designer: Thomas Dam

The Golfer always has a polite nod and a friendly smile for his fellow golfers.

He thanks the coaches for all their advice on how to hone the perfect technique.

You’ll mostly find him on the fairway - but wouldn't he look great in your home or with the golfer in your life?

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The Golfer brings luck to the fairway

The Golfer brings luck to the fairway with his polite nod and friendly smile. He makes a great lucky charm for any keen golfer.

With his golf club and golf bag full of patience, he’ll gladly share his top tip on how to get the perfect shot. This little troll is always first to the tee, ready to help players improve their technique.

After each successful round, the Golfer waves farewell with his hat, while pocketing an extra ball for the next game. His eternal optimism and great advice make him an indispensable companion on the green.

Good Luck Troll: From toy to design object

Thomas Dam created the first Good Luck Troll in 1957 from his home in the small town of Gjøl by the Limfjord. The first figurine was supposed to be a self-portrait, which he carved as a gift for his daughter. However, Thomas thought the figurine looked more like a troll - and that's how the Good Luck Troll came to be.

The charming Good Luck Trolls have been much loved in homes around the world ever since. And from starting out as toy dolls, they have now become design objects sought-after by many collectors.

The Good Luck Trolls have gradually grown into one big family, with each member having its own unique character. However, all the trolls share one and the same mission: With their open arms and wide smiles, they want to spread joy and hugs to all around them.

Weight: 250 g

Height: 9 cm

Materials: Polyresin

Other materials: Sheepskin

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