Frost & Snow

Designer: Chresten Sommer

Frost & Snow is a charming set of penguins for your bookcase, windowsill or shelf.

Their many fine details form a perfectly composed whole, and they are a beautiful example of Chresten Sommer's ability to shape animals in wood.

Place them next to each other and feel a breath of fresh air sweep in from the earth’s southern hemisphere.

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Is there a draught by the window?

It could easily be the two penguins Frost and Snow who’ve been up to mischief. They love the cold, and like to enjoy a cold draught on their plumage.

They have travelled from the southern hemisphere to experience life in the north, and they just need to get used to the temperatures here. Fortunately, they love standing around on shelves and windowsills, so they’re fully ready to move into your home.

Sommer is in the air

In just a few years, Chresten Sommer has become one of our most well-known and beloved designers. We believe his success stems from his amazing ability to pick out the unique details of whichever animal he is portraying, and to bring them together to form a perfectly composed whole.

With Frost & Snow, he adds another chapter to his gallery of both wild and tame animals.

The figures are made of FSC®-certified thermal ash and maple. Explore all our FSC-certified products.

Maintenance: Frost & Snow are not toys and are not to be used by children. They are unique handmade and hand-assembled products in wood and there may be some minor variations from product to product. Clean with a damp cloth. For better finish and maintenance use beeswax occasionally on all our wooden products.

Materials: FSC thermo ash

Other materials: FSC maple, plastic

Frost & Snow
Frost & Snow

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