Figaro & Carmen

Designer: Chresten Sommer

Figaro and Carmen will fly into your home to the tunes of the world’s greatest operas

The two birds are full of life and bring a warm touch to your decor when you arrange them side by side.

Place these adorable wooden birds in the window where they can rest their wings after a flight around your living room.

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Music of heartfelt emotion

Opera allows us to live and feel the big emotions that are part of life. Here, a single look between a man and a woman is enough for them to declare their undying love for each other a few bars later.

In opera, all reason goes out the window so that we can revel in all the emotions that bring colour to our lives and get our blood pumping.

Design duo mencke&vagnby have conjured two beautiful songbirds out of wood as a tribute to the beautiful art form.

These cute wooden figures go together beautifully as a pair, and you can almost hear the notes from the great operas when they settle in your home.

Aesthetic designs with soft shapes

Figaro & Carmen are made of ash and painted in shades of soft grey. This gives them a timeless look that blends nicely into your decor, whatever your style.

The birds stand out with their beautiful, organic design, where their pointed beaks break the lines and bringing contrast and life.

The figures are made of FSC®-certified ash. See all our FSC-certified products.

Maintenance: Figaro & Carmen are not toys and are not to be used by children. They are unique handmade and hand-assembled products in wood and there may be some minor variations from product to product. Clean with a damp cloth.

Materials: FSC Ash

Other materials: Plastic

Figaro & Carmen
Figaro & Carmen

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