Seal & Baby Seal

Designer: Chresten Sommer

Hunsæl & Babysæl are now available as a complete set. These two figures go together nicely to bring a little life to your shelf or window sill. Hunsæl & Babysæl are designed by Chresten Sommer and made of oak.

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Female Seal & Baby Seal make a lovely couple

When you walk along the Danish coast, you might be lucky enough to see a seal.

And your heart can’t help but melt at these cute animals with their big dark eyes and soft body.

Chresten Sommer has also fallen head over heels in love with these wonderful creatures and has designed a special tribute to them.

Two beautiful figures handmade in oak that magically capture their special facial expression. The design is simple and the carefully selected details bring the figures to life.

The little baby seal enjoys standing close to his mum, and the two figures remind us of the strong bond that exists between a mother and her child.

A beautiful celebration of motherhood and a tribute to our wonderful Mother Nature.

Chresten Sommer and his talent with wood.

Chresten Sommer has a unique talent when it comes to wood.

He shapes lifelike figures out of the material, accurately capturing the animal's unique facial expression.

Female Seal and Baby Seal are more beautiful additions to the range of cute wooden animals from Chresten Sommer's skilful hands.

The two figures are part of our so-called Arctic Family.

Along with Female Seal and Baby Seal, the Arctic family also includes Wally the walrus. And in 2022, we will be expanding the family with Wally's baby, Ross.

A wonderful little bunch for you to collect.

Seal & Baby Seal
Seal & Baby Seal

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