Ember, sky blue

Designer: mencke&vagnby

Looking for a table lamp that provides a cosy light?

Then Ember is a great option - the frosted glass gives the light a wonderful softness, and you can adjust the strength via the button at the bottom. Ember has a rechargeable battery.

When fully charged, you can take Ember wherever you want.

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A table lamp turned upside down

There’s something familiar about Ember.

The shape itself is reminiscent of a traditional table lamp. But look closer and you’ll see that Ember is basically the original design but turned upside down:

The light doesn’t come from what looks like the lampshade. Instead, light pours from the bottom of Ember and out through the stand itself.

You can adjust the brightness of Ember with the small button on the bottom.

There are three settings to choose from, and it's breathtaking to see how the stand's mix of light and dark changes as the setting changes.

Easy to move around

Ember is easy to charge with the included USB charger. Once fully charged, you’re free to move it around and enjoy its light for 15-17 hours. Ember is fully charged after 9 hours.

Ember's weight and shape makes it very easy to move around. Simply grab the stand and take it with you when you switch seats.

The ideal lamp for a summer evening on the terrace or balcony or as a night light in the bedroom.

Weight: 635 g

Height: 23 cm

Diameter: 14 cm

Materials: Opal glass

Other materials: Aluminium

Ember, sky blue
Ember, sky blue

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