Eclipse, sand

Designer: mencke&vagnby

This beautiful table lamp is called Eclipse.

The lamp has a rechargeable battery and once this is charged, you can move the Eclipse around your home as you please.

Eclipse has a hidden function - you adjust the brightness by gently pressing the base of the lamp.

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A game with perspective and form

Solar eclipses are about perspective - about how the sun, moon and earth stand in relation to each other.

True to its name, the Eclipse lamp also plays with perspective.

Seen from above, Eclipse is impenetrable. The metal shade curves elegantly and smoothly over the lamp base and hides the light source.

But look down and you’ll see a whole new shape:

Below the metal screen, you’ll discover its light source, a moulded plastic surface with internal holes that only becomes apparent when the lamp is turned on.

A beautiful play with perspective and a functional and elegant table lamp.

Set the scene with Eclipse

Light is great for creating an atmosphere.

When darkness begins to fall, it's nice to find a cosy corner, get together with our loved ones and just let the conversation flow.

With Eclipse, you have a cosy light that you can bring outside when it starts to get dark.

Eclipse has a charging time of 9 hours and can light up for 15-17 hours on a full charge. And because it doesn’t weigh much, it’s easy to move around.

Weight: 300 g

Height: 24 cm

Diameter: 17 cm

Materials: Aluminium

Other materials: Plastic

Eclipse, sand
Eclipse, sand

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