Eclipse, pale yellow

Designer: mencke&vagnby

Our Eclipse lamp is available here in a beautiful yellow version.

The table lamp is made of aluminium, and the light itself comes out of the patterned plastic surface under the shade.

Adjust the brightness by gently tapping the base of the Eclipse.

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Create light in the home with Eclipse

Looking for a table lamp for your home?

Eclipse is a perfect lamp for spreading cosy light on the windowsill, shelf or desk.

The design is simple, but with such an exquisite sense of shape that you can’t stop admiring it:

At the top, the aluminium screen curves over the moulded plastic surface, and from the base the stem rises in one smooth motion.

And in this wonderful yellow colour, the Eclipse lights up even more - even when switched off.

Designed for movement

The soft lines of the design give Eclipse a dynamic look.

This goes well with one of the basic features of the lamp: that it is movable.

That’s because Eclipse contains a battery that you can easily charge with the included cable. Once the battery is fully charged, you can move the Eclipse around the home as you wish.

Eclipse has a charging time of 9 hours and can light up for 15-17 hours on a full charge.

The light coming from Eclipse is also easy to adjust. By gently tapping the base of the lamp, you can switch between Eclipse's four settings.

Weight: 300 g

Height: 24 cm

Diameter: 17 cm

Materials: Aluminium

Other materials: Plastic (PE)

Eclipse, pale yellow
Eclipse, pale yellow

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