The Thinker

Designer: Thor Høy

The Thinker is a decorative lamp and will make an unusual addition to your decor.

You can adjust the joints of the lamp to give it a unique appearance.

The Thinker can light up for up to 15 hours on a full charge, and you can change the brightness of the built-in dimmer.

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A playful design for your home

The Thinker has movable joints, which means you can adjust its appearance and position as needed. This makes it a flexible design with multiple uses.

The decorative design will also bring a lively and playful touch to your decor, and will no doubt make you smile whenever you glance it at.

Give your home an extra eye-catcher with this cute design.

Where all ideas come from

Most of us are familiar with the light bulb image that appears above our heads when we have an idea. An idea springs from a thought, and this is the very concept of The Thinker.

The Thinker is a table lamp inspired by all those creative and fun ideas that come out of the blue.

It only takes a second to go from thought to light, which is what you get when you switch on the back of The Thinker.

Weight: 580 g

Width: 17 cm

Length: 8 cm

Height: 45 cm

Materials: FSC Oak

Other materials: Stainless steel, glass, PE (polyethylene)

The Thinker
The Thinker

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