Bold Black

Designer: Chresten Sommer

Bold Black isn't afraid to fly her own way.

Because when all other Spring Birds fall in love with bold colours, yours finds her own daring path.

She was made for those who dare to be their true selves – regardless of what anyone else is doing.

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Because black is a colour too, right?

Bold Black is not much bigger than the double espresso she resembles. And like an espresso, this bird is punchy, full of flavour and quivering with energy.

This little bird is never shy about flying her own way. So when all the other Spring Birds go for bright colours, this little bird slips on her black suit.

This bird is for those who always choose their own paths. Not to be difficult, but to see life from a different angle.

A series of spring birds

Spring Birds is a series of – mostly – colourful birds landing this February 2024. Where other birds prefer to wait for warmer temperatures before returning to Nordic skies, our Spring Birds are flying straight into our winter to bring colour to our grey days.

Each little bird is dressed in its favourite colour, and you have a total of 9 beautiful colours to choose from. You can even create your very own unique bird by mixing and matching heads, wings and bodies. What unique species will you create?

This product is made from FSC®-certified beech. See all our FSC-certified products.

Weight: 31 g

Width: 4 cm

Length: 5 cm

Height: 7 cm

Materials: FSC Beech

Other materials: Plastic

Bold Black
Bold Black

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