Diplo, dark-stained oak

Designer: studiobaki

Diplo in dark stained oak is an original piece of design that brings movement to your decor. The box can serve many functions in both the living room and kitchen, such as napkin holder, tray or jewellery box etc. Diplo in dark stained oak is a beautiful and functional object designed by the Greek-born architect and designer Baki Katsinis.

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Diplo in stained oak pays tribute to the offbeat ideas

A box is a box and then again not.

Because as where most boxes consist of a top and a bottom with equally tall sides, the sides of Diplo are triangles.

This play with form adds an extra dimension to your storage. Whether you choose to use it for small, movable parts or napkins, or something else, Diplo is a wonderful box.

Diplo in stained oak is Nordic design with a twist

Diplo is a design with clear Nordic traits.

It is minimalistic and simple with sharp lines but also with a clear element of surprise that Baki Katsinis practices in this architecture.

It has to be simple and functional, but with a twisted element that brings it life and movement.

Weight: 647 g

Width: 18 cm

Length: 18 cm

Height: 7 cm

Materials: Oak

Other materials: Plywood

Diplo, dark-stained oak
Diplo, dark-stained oak

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