Care (Special Edition)

Designer: mencke&vagnby

Perhaps you thought that Care couldn't get any more loving - but now the cute figure comes in an extra heartwarming version with a red heart.

The figure was made in honour of Mother's Day to celebrate today’s all-time superhero: Mum.

The talented design duo mencke&vagnby has designed this lovely figure as a warm hug and home accessory, and a thoughtful way to express your love for your mum.

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Care is a loving hug on Mother's Day

There’s no one better than Mum. There's nothing she can't handle and she’s always by your side - and that calls for a celebration.

Treat your mum to a gift on Mother's Day, one that expresses how much you love her. There’s no doubt she will appreciate this new version of Care.

With its red heart, it sends out masses of love. A figure that will go straight to your mother's heart.

Add a loving emoji to your interior decor

Emojis are known from everyday messages in the digital world. They add an extra layer of emotion to text and chat messages - and with Spring Emotions®, they can also become part of your decor.

This special edition of Care is made for Mother's Day, but there’s nothing to stop you giving this loving emoji to someone you love - or to yourself.

This product is made of FSC®-certified oak. See all our FSC-certified products.

Weight: 146 g

Height: 7 cm

Diameter: 7 cm

Maintenance: Care (Special Edition) is a unique handmade product in wood and there may be minor variations from product to product. For better finish and maintenance use beeswax occasionally on all our wooden products. Care (Special Edition) is not a toy and is not to be used by children. Clean it with a damp cloth and never put it in the dishwasher.

Materials: FSC Oak

Other materials: N/A

Care (Special Edition)
Care (Special Edition)

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