Grateful Green

Designer: Chresten Sommer

If life is a gift, then this bird is the gift of life.

This little bird struggles to stay still. He would much rather soar through the air, singing:

Thank you for life, thank you for this day and thank you for stopping by.

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What makes life as a bird a little greener?

If you're looking for Grateful Green in your bird encyclopedia, you're looking in vain. Because even though he looks a bit like an Alexandrine parakeet with his bold green suit, he actually comes from a different species.

Ornithologists discovered him during a heavy monsoon in the Southern Hemisphere, where he was walking around delighting in the fact that the sky was watering the green trees he loves so much.

He is grateful from the bottom of his big heart, because he knows that if you look carefully, every grey cloud has a silver lining.

Want to make your day a little greener?

A series of spring birds

Spring Birds is a series of colourful birds landing this February 2024. Where other birds prefer to wait for warmer temperatures before returning to Nordic skies, our Spring Birds are flying straight into our winter to bring colour to our grey days.

Each little bird is dressed in its favourite colour, and you have a total of 9 beautiful colours to choose from. You can even create your very own unique bird by mixing and matching heads, wings and bodies. What unique species will you create?

This product is made from FSC®-certified beech. See all our FSC-certified products.

Weight: 31 g

Width: 4 cm

Length: 5 cm

Height: 7 cm

Materials: FSC Beech

Other materials: Plastic

Grateful Green
Grateful Green

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