Eclipse, ruby red

Designer: mencke&vagnby

Eclipse is an elegant and innovative table lamp.

Eclipse has a battery that is easy to charge - once charged, you can move the lamp around as you wish.

Eclipse has three light settings - switch between each one by gently pressing the base.

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With Eclipse, light is never far away

A solar eclipse is a breathtaking experience to witness.

The moon moving in front of the sun and for a few moments blocking the light, which we know will break out again shortly.

Similarly, light is never far away with Eclipse.

Under the beautifully curved metal shade, the light unfolds behind a curved surface in moulded plastic.

Once switched on, you can admire the fine pattern in the plastic surface that gives the Eclipse an almost futuristic look.

Rechargeable and with a hidden dimmer

A charger is included.

Then you can charge the built-in battery and move the Eclipse around as you wish.

Adjust the brightness by pressing the base of the Eclipse, and switch between the lamp's three light settings.

A beautiful lamp for use in the home - as a night light in the bedroom or a decorative lamp on the windowsill or on the shelf. Eclipse has a charging time of 9 hours and can light up for 15-17 hours on a full charge.

Weight: 300 g

Height: 24 cm

Diameter: 17 cm

Materials: Aluminium

Other materials: Plastic

Eclipse, ruby red
Eclipse, ruby red

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