Colonna (sand)

Designer: Omayra Maymó

Colonna is a simple and elegant column that holds up your books on your bookshelf.

The design stems from ancient architecture, and this is clearly evident in Colonna's shape, which nods to architecture from the past.

The bookends are made of travertine and will look beautiful in your home.

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Colonna is a functional set of bookends

If you enjoy relaxing with a good book in your reading nook, you probably have a bookshelf or small personal library that holds all your books.

Books can look decorative in your home, but quickly become messy if you haven't got a system in place.

Our beautiful bookends will boost your decor while keeping your books in place on the bookshelf.

A simple decoration

Colonna is not only a faithful friend when you want to stop your books from falling over on your bookshelf, the sculptural and minimalist design is also a decoration in its own right.

The set contains two lovely bookends, one for each side of your books. Then you can be absolutely sure that they’ll stay in place.

Colonna will brighten up your decor. The look is modern yet timeless, which is why these bookends will look great in your home for many years to come.

Weight: 3246 g

Diameter: 7 cm

Maintenance: Colonna is a unique design in travertine and there will be minor variations from product to product. The use of cleaning agents and abrasives can cause permanent damage to the product. Clean with a dry, soft cloth.

Materials: Travertine

Other materials: Cork

Colonna (sand)
Colonna (sand)

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