The Monkey Bowl

Designer: mencke&vagnby

The Monkey Bowl is a new Danish design - and maybe even the next big classic! Lift the lid and you have a bowl. Put it back on and you have a piece of beautiful design. The Monkey Bowl is created by mencke&vagnby and is a wonderful representation of their sense of well-thought-out products in high quality materials.

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The Monkey Bowl brings life to your interior

The Monkey Bowl is a solid design that unites the simple and complex. It’s hard to create a precise portrait out of something as simple as a bowl, but in the hands of mencke&vagnby’s the mission is accomplished.

The Monkey Bowl presents itself with beautifully sweeping lines and its play between two materials: beech and walnut.

Their simple functionality and playful expression make for a dynamic object that brings life to your interior.

The Monkey Bowl or The Frog Bowl?

The Monkey Bowl lies in the continuation of mencke&vagnby’s other beautiful bowl, The Frog Bowl.

Both bowls express curiosity and quest that always characterize mencke&vagnby’s design.

Here it’s the playful form of the mouth that gives the two bowls their characteristic.

Both bowls give you a finished design that will awake the curiosity among children and adults.

Weight: 192 g

Width: 14 cm

Length: 9 cm

Height: 11 cm

Materials: Beech

Other materials: Walnut

The Monkey Bowl
The Monkey Bowl

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