Spring Emotions® Bundle

Designer: mencke&vagnby

Emotions are everywhere in our lives. We can’t exist without them. Spring Emotions® bring the digital icons into our daily lives. When the emojis in our text messages disappear, Spring Emotions® remain standing. Save DKK 198 when you buy the entire Spring Emotions® series with Thumbs Up, Sad, Tears of Joy, Winking, Kiss, Heart Eyes and Smiley.

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Spring Emotions® say more than a thousand words

Emotions are something we all have - no matter where we come from or who we are. They are what connect us as human beings, and their expression is a universal language we all understand. We smile when we are happy. We cry when we are sad. And we laugh when something funny happens. Spring Emotions® capture just that. They come in many different variations, which is why there is a Spring Emotion® for every occasion. Get the whole set with the first seven emojis: Thumbs Up, Sad, Tears of Joy, Winking, Kiss, Heart Eyes and Smiley.

An emoji for any occasion

Give one to your best friend to show her how much she means to you. Give one to a colleague you appreciate as a way of acknowledging their hard work. Give one to a close family member to wish them a speedy recovery. Or to the host or hostess for all their efforts. Either way, we’re certain you’ll find a Spring Emotion® to suit the occasion. Even if that occasion is to spoil yourself. You could say that Spring Emotions® say more than a thousand words. And they’re even handmade. Buy the entire series of seven emojis or share an emotion with someone you care about. Plant a tree Spring Emotions® is part of our collaboration with Plant a Tree, where part of the profits from sales goes to planting trees in Denmark.
Spring Emotions® Bundle
Spring Emotions® Bundle

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