Phister (dusty green)

Designer: Hans Due

Are you looking for a table lamp that can spread extra light in your home?

The Phister lamp is our recreation of a classic design by Hans Due but with fabulous new features.

In this new version, we have given Phister a rechargeable battery, so you can move it around your home.

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A 70s icon recreated

The past often produces the most modern designs; Phister is a good example of this.

The lamp was designed by Hans Due in the 1970s, but it's hard to believe when you see this relaunch:

Where the on-off button used to make an audible 'click', it has now become a quiet touch button with a built-in dimmer.

Where there used to be a socket with a light bulb, you now only see an LED light behind an opal glass.

Where there used to be a cable, now there is only a plug for a charging cable for charging the Phister. The small diode displays whether the Phister is charged or needs power. The diode will light green and red respectively.

These updates only help to emphasise how modern Hans Due's design is: The design is the only thing we haven't touched.

A wonderful, modern design

Because even though we have updated the technical details of the Phister, the lamp will be recognisable to anyone who knows the original.

The design itself is exactly the same as Hans Due's version from the 1970s.

You can still turn the outer part of the Phister and choose where to direct the light.

And just like the original, Phister doubles as a wall lamp. The bottom of the lamp has two holes for hanging. Screws are not included. Phister is a rechargeable lamp with a charging time of 8 hours. On a full charge, it can last for up to 15 hours.

Weight: 485 g

Width: 9 cm

Length: 25 cm

Height: 13 cm

Maintenance: Clean Phister with a soft dry cloth only. Do not use any abrasive cleaning tools such as stiff brushes or stiff cloths. Always switch off the electricity before cleaning.

Materials: Recycled ABS plastic

Other materials: Stainless steel

Phister (dusty green)
Phister (dusty green)

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