Tipsy Bundle

Designer: FaPrik

The Tipsy wine stopper and Tipsy corkscrew have been paired in a set to help you open your wine easily and store any leftovers. A good bottle of wine deserves a nice design, and this set from FaPrik makes drinking wine even more stylish and cosy. Buy the Tipsy wine stopper and Tipsy corkscrew as a complete set and save DKK 99.

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The Tipsy wine stopper and Tipsy corkscrew are a perfect set

Sometimes you just need a single glass of wine or two - so what do you do with the rest of the bottle? A problem solved with the Tipsy wine stopper. The stopper on the Tipsy wine stopper is made of natural rubber, which is guaranteed to fit tightly so that oxygen doesn’t penetrate into the bottle. If you have created a beautiful stopper to maintain the quality of the wine, then it makes sense to go back a step and invent a stylish corkscrew to open the wine with. And so FaPrik created the Tipsy corkscrew, which is comfortable to hold and makes opening the wine very easy. The Tipsy wine stopper and Tipsy corkscrew create a set that is both practical and beautiful, and the cute birds are guaranteed to make you and your guests smile.
Tipsy Bundle
Tipsy Bundle

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