Snowy Owl & Pepper Owl

Designer: Jesper Wolff

Snow Owl and Pepper Owl are a delightful and decorative salt and pepper shaker set for your dining table. These cute characters double as decorative accessories for the living room or children's room. Snow Owl and Pepper Owl were designed by Jesper Wolff and live up to his credo that good design should be functional, simple and fun.

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Snow Owl and Pepper Owl make everyday life easier and more fun

Salt and pepper are two indispensable spices in most kitchens. The only thing that really varies from home to home is how to store and serve them. Snow Owl and Pepper Owl are decorative suggestions on how to dispense ground salt and pepper, so that it becomes a whole experience in itself. These lovely owls are made of maple, mahogany and walnut. They are made and assembled by hand, so it is a unique product that you get.

Snow Owl and Pepper Owl bring life to your home

The owl is a marvellous bird. It can turn its head almost all the way around. Jesper Wolff was fascinated by the owl's alert facial features and its flexible anatomy and liked the idea of creating salt and pepper grinders in its image. And the result is a charming and functional design.
Snowy Owl & Pepper Owl
Snowy Owl & Pepper Owl

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