Colosseum Amfi

Designer: Grounded Craftwork

Colosseum Amfi is an oval mahogany dish by Christian Riis. He is a Danish self-taught cabinet maker. He also owns Grounded Craftwork. The heart of Grounded Craftwork is unique furniture and wood accessories. Colosseum Amfi demonstrates why. Is is a beautiful example of how mahogany transforms into organic and gentle design.

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Colosseum Amfi is perfect for fruit

Riis gathers pieces of walnut by hand. After this, the grooves are CNC milled to become a unique piece of woodwork. Subsequently, the edges are rounded and some concluding touches completes the dish. This finishing work ensures the lightness of appearance of the dish, despite its solidity and robustness. Colosseum Amfi integrates easily into most homes and shares its warmth with the home’s interior. Fruit, cakes or tealight candles fits it perfectly. It is the ideal gift for design lovers and enthusiasts with a love for Danish design in wood.

Colosseum Amfi is inspired by ancient amphitheatres

Christian Riis has worked hard to refine the design so that it resembles an Roman amphitheatre. As with the rest of the series, which includes Colosseum Square and Colosseum Arena, the Colosseum Amfi also draws on the historic beauty of Rome's constructions. The steps in the dish are the “seating” for the audience. And the owner fills the amphitheatre with their own entertainment, whether that be fruit, chocolates or cake. Riis crafts with love, passion and care for the individual product. Colosseum Amfi shows this. The dish is a unique design experience – just as the amphitheatre provided the Romans with magnificent experiences in ancient Rome.

Weight: 668 g

Height: 3 cm

Diameter: 28 cm

Maintenance: Colosseum Amfi is a unique handmade and hand-assembled product in wood and there may be some minor variations from product to product. Clean it with a damp cloth. For better finish and maintenance use beeswax occasionally on all our wooden products.

Materials: Walnut

Other materials: N/A

Colosseum Amfi
Colosseum Amfi

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