Circles, iron grey

Designer: Thor Høy

Circles is a simple and decorative container for storing all your bits and bobs.

It comprises three round columns of different heights, allowing you to organise your things according to size.

Use it on your desk, in your office, in the bathroom or for storing other small items in your home.

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Circles is ideal for storing small items

Sometimes it’s hard to find a suitable place to store all your smaller belongings, and Circles is the perfect solution.

Keep your surroundings simple and uncluttered with Circles.

The container has a minimalist and stylish design, which goes in any room in the home.

A functional and decorative design

Storage in your home should be both practical and decorative. Circles is made up of three round columns, which give it a decorative look. The columns have different heights, giving you a clear view of all your things.

Use Circles to store anything from writing utensils and office supplies to cotton swabs and jewellery.

Circles is designed by Thor Høy, and it is made of silicone.

Weight: 664 g

Width: 16 cm

Length: 16 cm

Height: 12 cm

Maintenance: Clean Circles with a soft cloth wrung out in warm soapy water.

Materials: Silicone

Other materials: N/A

Circles, iron grey
Circles, iron grey

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