Ember, charcoal

Designer: mencke&vagnby

Looking for a cosy light for your terrace or balcony?

Ember is the obvious choice when your party moves outside on a summer’s evening.

Ember has three levels of brightness, which are adjusted on a button at the bottom of the lamp.

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What does Ember look like?

On the one hand, Ember looks like a classic table lamp with its shade and base - on the other hand, there are also features reminiscent of nature:

The milky white light that pours out from the bottom is reminiscent of pale moonlight or the embers of a dying fire.

And the shape is easily reminiscent of something you might find on a moss-covered forest bed.

That's the wonderful thing about Ember. It’s a combination of familiar elements from different worlds that together appear new and foreign.

Full of features

The light pours out from behind the beautiful opal glass that forms the stand - and at the bottom you’ll find a button where you can easily adjust the brightness.

There are three options so you can easily find a strength that suits you.

Charge the lamp with the included USB charger, and then you can move the Ember around as you wish.

The cone-shaped stand makes Ember easy to hold securely as you bring it in or outside again. Ember is fully charged after 9 hours. It can last for 15-17 hours on a full charge.

Weight: 635 g

Height: 23 cm

Diameter: 14 cm

Materials: Opal glass

Other materials: Aluminium

Ember, charcoal
Ember, charcoal

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