Designer: Chresten Sommer

Matilda is a cute little female koala in wood who spreads joy in your home whatever the occasion. With a flag in her paw, she helps to make special occasions even more special, and without the flag she is a lovely home decoration all on her own - or maybe with a little flower to hold. Matilda is designed by Chresten Sommer and is made of oak and ash.

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Matilda is a nice piece of Danish design

Australia is an exceptional continent that is particularly noted for its animal life, and here is a fine wooden figure that depicts one of the cutest animals in the country: the koala bear.

The little furry creature that lives a quiet life amongst the eucalyptus trees in the home country is known around the world for its cute appearance and mild manner.

This is why it makes sense to invite the koala inside in the shape of a nice piece of Danish design.

Matilda has its place on the birthday table

Koala Female is a fine decoration in the everyday home, but when it is a birthday – or there is another special occasion – then the koala can hold a flag in the arms.

You can move the head, the arms, and the ears on the Koala Female, so you get a pose that suits you.

A nice decoration for everyday life and special occasions.

Weight: 121 g

Width: 9 cm

Length: 7 cm

Height: 10 cm

Materials: FSC Oak

Other materials: FSC Maple, plastic, embrodery textile flag (Flag size: 50x80mm - H150mm)


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