Designer: mencke&vagnby

Figaro is a portrait of a beautiful songbird and a wonderful home accessory.

This dear bird symbolises freedom and dreams, and with inspiration from the famous opera, Figaro is a songbird who always finds a way through, even when life seems bleak.

Now this cute bird can fly into your decor - and to its mate, Carmen.

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Love is all you need

Life is full of challenges, and our lovely Figaro hasn’t always been that lucky. But as they say, love conquers all.

The beautiful songbird never lets any challenge beat him – and with all his dreams of making it in the world of opera, his love of music will always prevail.

If you are like Figaro, and you never let go of your dreams, then this bird is definitely for you. With Figaro by your side, no dream is too big or small.

A dreamy gift idea

Figaro is a wonderful gift idea for those with big ambitions and dreams. For the eternal optimist who can never be cowed.

If you are a dreamer yourself, add a dreamy decoration to your decor and watch Figaro as he flies freely around and lands on a shelf or bookcase in your home.

The songbird will stand beautifully next to his partner, Carmen, who is an equally charming wooden bird.

This product is made of FSC®-certified ash. See all our FSC-certified products.

Weight: 40 g

Width: 4 cm

Length: 11 cm

Height: 6 cm

Maintenance: Figaro is not a toy and is not to be used by children. It is a unique handmade and hand-assembled product in wood and there may be some minor variations from product to product. Clean it with a damp cloth.

Materials: FSC Ash

Other materials: Plastic


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